Work shops available ! Be sure to book your place soon they are running on Mondays and Wednesdays
 I will post the details shortly .....

Workshops available be sure to book your place soon !

Details to be followed shortly…..

My new Kiln has arrived ! yipee


Well this is a very special day today as my new kiln has arrived after 10 years of wanting one !!

Task -getting it to the garage without breaking our backs as its the shed in the distance, our drive was too narrow for it to be delivered so my lovely kind neighbour Edna let us bring it to her drive way .

The outcome two hours of slog ! we nearly lost it in the grass because of the weight !

But success  Happy cooking for me x

20151009_090800[1]                                                                                                          Having some success with my jewelry range a little bit more complicated than just straight forward fusing ,the effect you get is the appearance of a semi precious stone ,and a heart has appeared ,a stroke of luck !!

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My workshops are based in my studio in Bedford

40 Church rd, Willington, Bedford, MK44 3PU

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Hi to all you glassy people out there !

Well I have finally done it and realised a dream I have now got a kiln, after 9 years of using college facilities, not feeling that you have the time to create to your best ability,I now have 3 days a week to play and cook some glass .The other two days I work as a print technician at West Herts College .

My work will be influence by my fine art background  my love of photography ,my love of colour and how emotive it can be …….